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To quote Bilbo Baggins, "It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." In the spirit of such words, I figure someone might actually be interested in reading this! That said, I was born in Ohio, where all is dull and grey. I was raised very liberally and spent most of my childhood running wild in the forest around our home. Free Spirit would be the romantic term. When I was ten, my family moved South to Hilton Head Island, one of the loviest places in this great country and my spiritual home. For a time, things were not always so good, even there, but I had only to sit on the beach for a bit to be calm and get things back in perspective. After graduating from HHS (Hellish High School), I spent two perfect happy years in at USCB where, despite it's small size, I felt I received a great education, before being dragged away from my home to USC Columbia. Art is my passion and on paper I'm an Art Major, but now that I have the degree in hand (Magna Cum Laude to boot!), I realize just how little I actually learned compared to what students in similar programs at other colleges are learning. Having graduated from college, I'm now in that limbo phase that college grads stumble around for year or ten while trying to decide what direction to take. It's not so bad. I'm certainly happier than I was in school to say the least. I'm doing some freelance work while keeping my eyes open for a job in my field that instinct tells me is the one for me. I have this gut feeling that I will know the right job when I see it. As for steady work, I've been a Music Seller at Barnes and Noble for over a year. I've always wanted to work in a Book Store and it turns out working in the Music and DVD department of said book store suits me perfectly. Indeed, I was recently promoted to Music Manager, so I'm there to stay for awhile. It may not be what I went to school to learn, but I love it and the wonderful people I work with. It can be a bit like a British Sitcom at times, but in a good way. It's good people that make good places, they say, and that counts for a lot.